Tuesday, September 17, 2013


We all know that zombies are all the rage right now. So maybe a theme party for your Halloween bash this year, could be a fun twist on the same old celebration!

There are so many fun ideas for zombie theme parties..... and here are just a few of my favorites:

This is a really fun party, and one that's been popular around the Manor. Just think "Wedding"..... only zombified! This is such a fun party and if you're planning to renew your wedding vows, I know this would be the perfect occasion!

Plan your party just like you would a wedding reception. Make up a guest list, send out invitations, plan the menu, and be sure to let all the guests know to come in zombie attire.

Now, you'll want to make sure you have old, tattered wedding clothes for the bride and groom... also solicit some friends to be bride's maids and grooms men. (Come on ladies, we all have at least 2 bridesmaid dresses hanging in the  back of our closets.... that we said we'd never wear again! So let's rip 'em up and make them zombie chic!)

And don't forget the wedding cake...... you can make it yourself, or order one from your favorite bakery and just add a few gory embellishments, like edible spider webs, insects, and dead candy flowers, of course!

Another theme party that is always a hit! Decorate just like you did back in high school with streamers and balloons.... and make sure you have an area with a zombie photographer to get everyone's prom picture!

Serve up some gross refreshments, and be sure to have a zombie DJ, and dance contest!

Great costume ideas for this bash include zombie Prom King and Queen, star zombie quarterback and head cheerleader. And remember, every prom need some zombie nerds, a school nurse, and don't forget the zombie principal!

Ok, so you're tired of the regular old office party? How about this idea.... probably the easiest of all the party ideas. Think of the movie "Office Space".... only with zombies!

Think about every boring office party that you've been to.... in that lousy break room,  and costumes will be super-easy! Just get some old work clothes, suits and ties.... and zombify them with lots of rips and blood splatter! Don't forget to carry around your coffee cup, and maybe a brief case, or a few dirty file folders to complete your look.

Set up a water cooler, some cheesy decorations, post office memos around, and don't forget the pocket protectors and party refreshments!

I love this idea, because who wouldn't love wearing pajamas to a party? Think slumber party.... only with a zombie twist. You can order pizza, play games, and  blast your favorite music!

Decorate the living room with sleeping bags, pizza boxes, and posters of your favorite teen heart-throbs! You can wear those old worn out pajamas (add some extra rips and some blood splatter) and fuzzy slippers.... all decked out in your best zombie make-up, of course!

When doing any zombie themed party, just remember, it's the same as any regular party.... only with grossed out refreshments, creepy decorations, and awesome party clothes!

It'll be Zombie-rific!