Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Yes, I do. I admit it. I looooooove candy corn.

 I'm not a big candy or sweet eater, but I have to tell you, my sweet tooth practically screams for candy corn.... as soon as those little packages hit the store shelves!

So, if you're like me, not only do I love those little kernels of orange, white and yellow sugar.... but you love the colors too. And I bet we could find some really cool stuff to paint in the candy corn color scheme.

You all know how much I love to spray paint, and this color combination is no exception. These colors would look great on jars, vases, and even pumpkins! All you'll need is some newspaper or a drop cloth, and 3 cans of gloss spray paint in white, orange, and yellow.

Lay out the items you want to paint, on a flat surface, covered in newspaper (or a drop cloth). Make sure the items have been thoroughly washed and dried. Now, it's time to paint!
First, spray the entire  piece white. Remember when using spray paint, it's better to spray several thin layers of paint, to achieve the look you want.  Let dry according to package instructions. Then, apply the orange color in the middle, the whole way around. Let dry. Lastly, apply the yellow spray paint the whole way around the bottom. Let dry.

Now that you've got this down... let the spray painting begin, the candy corn possibilities are endless!