Friday, September 20, 2013


Happy Friday, Halloweenies!  You know part of being a good homemaker is being organized. And every Halloween Homemaker needs to have all of their supplies labeled properly. So, today I thought that I'd pass along a few of my favorites to you. All you need to do is enlarge them to the size that you want, and run them off on a color copier.

Cut them out, and add to your jars with Mod Podge, or a mixture of 1 part Elmer's School Glue and 3 parts water. (Use a foam craft brush to apply the glue on the front and back of the label, then wipe off the excess)

These are great for all those dusty bottles and jars, we've all got lying around..... and they'll keep your dungeon, neat and organized! Be sure to keep an eye out.... more freebies on the way!