Thursday, September 12, 2013


I know you think this may look complicated.... but give it a real good look..... it's not that difficult. You're just going to add a few embellishments to the chandelier or light fixture, that you already have. All you'll need is a few things from your favorite craft store.

I love using glitter for Halloween projects, especially black glitter, and for this project.... you can use lots of it! Start looking for papier mache objects, like these skulls, maybe a few bats and spiders, at your local dollar store!

Then, all you're going to do is add the glitter with a spray adhesive or glue, and hang them from your chandelier with shiny, black ribbon. That's not too complicated, am I right?

Trust me.... it's a sure bet for creeping out your dinner guests. You gotta love that....

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