Friday, February 27, 2015


So, it's been a cold and dreary week..... and you're looking for some fun. How about you amuse yourself, and freak out the family?

Well, this'll do it (bwah hahahahaha) thanks to my Halloweenie, Lauren. She found this on pinterest, and I have to tell ya... I about laughed myself silly, when I saw it.

This is brilliant!

All you need to do is sneak in the bathroom with a Sharpie marker, and doodle a spider or two on the toilet paper.... and wait for the screams!

Now that's got the makings for a Freaky Friday! Go grab a Sharpie and have a great weekend, Halloweenies!

(bwah hahahahahah!)

Thursday, February 26, 2015


Well, if you've got problems with those pesky neighbor kids, we just may have the solution for you! This idea is sooooo cool, and I'm sure it would get the Gomez and Morticia Addams seal of approval.

These super cute gators are the work of a Swedish artist, and were featured on the diyfunideas site!

And here's the scoop straight from that oh-so-crafty Jenise of

Check out these garden alligators. On a quick glance they could actually pass as real. And if you live in Florida, your neighbors might be calling animal services to report these creepy crawlers in your yard. Fortunately, no one need worry about losing a leg, arm, or head. These alligators are the work of Swedish artist Eric Langert ( and I think they’re the coolest thing ever and a very creative way to upcycle some old tires.

If you want to make your own, you’ll need several tires in different sizes. Cut open the largest tire and flatten it out. The larger the tire, the longer the alligator. Cut one side open and cut in the teeth. Use the smaller tires for the arms and legs and attach them to the body using a heavy epoxy. To bend the arms and legs, make a slit in the tire where you want the joint to be, bend the joint and epoxy it in place. You can also keep your alligator standing (see the rear alligator). To do this, cut the small tire into quarters and epoxy it on the way it shows in the picture.

There you have it. Now invite some friends over for a back yard barbecue so you can scare the crap out of them. No, no. I’ve got a better idea. if you’ve got a dog, then right after you get your alligator set up, throw a piece of bacon into its mouth. When the pup sticks its head into the mouth start screaming bloody murder. Then watch your spouse and kids come running outside in horror. Yup. That’s what you should do. And make sure you get it on video so you can send it into America’s Funniest Videos and win $10,000

Thanks for sharing, Janise! And for more amazing diy ideas, you have to check out!

Thursday, February 19, 2015


Who doesn't love Rice Krispies? (Well, if you don't.... you may want to skip reading this....) Have you ever wondered what other sticky yummy treats you could make with Rice Krispies? This recipe comes from Mallow & Co, and it's just fab-boo-lous!

Here's what you'll need:

3 Tbsp butter
6 cups marshmallows
1 tsp vanilla
5 cups  regular or cocoa krispies**
1 cup crushed oreos
black food coloring

Here's what you'll do:

Pour the rice krispies and oreos in a large mixing bowl. Set aside.

Melt the butter in a saucepan over medium high heat until melted. 
Turn the heat down to the lowest setting and add the marshmallows. Stir until the marshmallows are mostly all melted (this will take a few minutes--low and slow is key for perfect texture). Add in the vanilla and black food coloring (keep adding until you get the color you want) and finish melting.

Once fully melted, take them off heat and pour over the rice krispies. Stir to combine until 
everything is black. Dump everything by spoonfuls onto a greased cookie sheet, so they look like funky coal shapes. Allow them to cool about 20 minutes. Enjoy!

** The author actually used regular rice krispies, (which I think look great!) but as you can see there were still a few flecks of white showing through. They recommend using Cocoa Rice Krispies, if you want them to be darker.

Coal Rice Krispy Treats
And if you love this, you really need to check out the Mallow & Co page to see other cool ideas to reinvent the Rice Krispie! I guarantee you can find a rice krispie treat for any occasion chocolate rice krispie treats... mojito rice krispie treats, and caramel apple rice krispie treats, just to name a few.
It looks like it's gonna be a Rice Krispie Treat kind of day, enjoy!

Monday, February 16, 2015


I knew it was going to be a wonderfully frightful day when I went into the garden and saw some new sprouts.... and this particular one, just happens to be one of my favorites!

Kalanchoe daigremontiana, Bryophyllum daigremontianum

Also known as the "Alligator's Tongue" or "The Devil's Backbone". An easily grown succulent-like plant with grey-green and speckled foliage.  Tiny plantlets develop around the edges of the leaves that may plant themselves in any nearby soil. An easy plant for pass-along to friends and family. Mature plants may produce large flattened clusters of pink, downward hanging, bell shaped flowers to 1" long.

Average Mature Size: 2-3'H x 1'W

Outdoor Light: Part shade, Light shade

Indoor Light: Direct sunlight, High

Soil & Moisture: Average to dry soils with good to excellent drainage. Do not overwater.

Please be advised that humans and/or animals may have allergic reactions if part(s) of this plant are consumed or by coming into contact with sap from bruised or broken plant parts: All plant parts are considered toxic if ingested.

This plant has become very popular over the last few years, and they make great housewarming or hostess gifts for any Halloween Homemaker!

Friday, February 13, 2015


Triskaidekaphobia  is the fear of Friday the 13th, and today some people will be so paralyzed with fear they simply won't get out of bed. Others will steadfastly refuse to fly on an airplane, buy a house, or act on a hot stock tip.

Why? You ask.... It's Friday the 13th, and they're freaked out.

"It's been estimated that $800 or $900 million is lost in business on this day because people will not fly or do business they would normally do," said Donald Dossey, founder of the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in Asheville, North Carolina.

Among other services, Dossey's organization counsels clients on how to overcome fear of Friday the 13th, a phobia that he estimates afflicts 17 to 21 million people in the United States.

Symptoms range from mild anxiety to full-blown panic attacks. The latter may cause people to reshuffle schedules or miss an entire day's work.

When it comes to bad luck of any kind, Richard Wiseman—a psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield, England—found that people who consider themselves unlucky are more likely to believe in superstitions associated with bad luck.

"Their beliefs and behavior are likely to be part of a much bigger worldview," he said. "They will believe that luck is a magical force and that it can ruin their lives."

Wiseman found that one quarter of the 2,068 people questioned in a 2003 survey associate the number 13 with bad luck. People with such feelings, he found, are more likely to be anxious on days like Friday the 13th and thus more prone to have accidents. In other words, being afraid of Friday the 13th could be their undoing.

Ominous Number
So how did Friday the 13th become such an unlucky day?

Dossey, also a folklore historian and author of Holiday Folklore, Phobias and Fun, said fear of Friday the 13th is rooted in ancient, separate bad-luck associations with the number 13 and the day Friday. The two unlucky entities ultimately combined to make one super unlucky day.

Dossey traces the fear of 13 to a Norse myth about 12 gods having a dinner party at Valhalla, their heaven. In walked the uninvited 13th guest, the mischievous Loki. Once there, Loki arranged for Hoder, the blind god of darkness, to shoot Balder the Beautiful, the god of joy and gladness, with a mistletoe-tipped arrow.

"Balder died and the whole Earth got dark. The whole Earth mourned. It was a bad, unlucky day," said Dossey. From that moment on, the number 13 has been considered ominous and foreboding.

So to celebrate, let's all stop by and rent "Friday the 13th" and make a date with Jason Voorhees at Camp Crystal Lake tonight!

Happy Triskaidekaphobia Day!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


So, what do you think? I must admit, when it comes to my favorite horror moves, The Queen is a total purist. Why mess with a good thing? But a remake of POLTERGEIST? Huuummmm.... It might be worth checking out....
8 Ways Poltergeist 2015 Stays Loyal to the Original

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The Poltergeist reboot is blasting its way into your eager eyes this summer, and regardless of your feelings about remakes in general, this is one movie that's certainly got horror fans talking.
Of course we worry about a reboot - what if this new movie comes and pees all over the corpse of our beloved original? But there's also the possibility that it'll just be a fun horror movie, a way to draw in legions of new horror fans to start investigating the classics... and the 2015 Poltergeist looks F.U.N.

Fun, and very loyal to the spirit of the original. Now, let's look at some side-by-side pics from the 1982 and 2015 versions of Poltergeist to see just how similar these two movies are!

Note: 1982 on the left, 2015 on the right.

The house...

A panning shot across the street establishes the setting for both the 1982 and the 2015 Poltergeist movie. It all starts in an ordinary house...

Insanely cute kid with bangs? Check.

Played by Heather O'Rourke in 1982 and 7-year-old Kennedi Clements in 2015.

Insanely cute kid flying through the air? Check.

Pah, it's not a proper Poltergeist if people - and things - aren't getting thrown around!

Horrible clown doll guaranteed to cause nightmares!

Clowns are bad. Always, always bad.

Lights, camera, action!

It's nice to see the '80s penchant for wibbly Ghostbusters-style lightning is being kept alive in the 2015 incarnation of Poltergeist!

Quick, better call in an expert!

Medium Tangina Barrons - played to perfection by Zelda Rubinstein - will be replaced with a wry nod to the modern trend of reality TV, with Carrigan Burke (played by Jared Harris) as a former academic turned TV personality for dubious cable show Haunted House Cleaners.

A helping hand...

Yes, that classic scene was too good not to replicate - pretty much exactly!

'They're Heeeerreee'

The famous line said by the little girl in the original movie is audible around 1:04 where it's creepily whispered by a breathy, ghostly voice...

The new Poltergeist movie hits theaters this July. Will you be heeeerrrreee in the cinema with me - or wait to see it with all the TV people?

If you're not too scared, and haven't seen the new trailer yet, click here!

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Even though the cold winds of winter are still blowing.... I can't help but wish to get my hands dirty, and put 'em in some good old soil.

Well, Spring is still quite a ways off, but this just may get you in the mood. Why not make a creepy terrarium, featuring tiny skeletons and a tiny graveyard?

How cool is this? This particular project was featured on the farmhouse38 website, and even if you have a black thumb.... it's not too difficult, at all!

Here are a few ideas to help you create this pretty cool terrarium....

First of all, you'll need a container, like this old-style lantern that opens at the top (great idea, because it'll make it so much easier to decorate) I know I've seen these at craft stores, in their home d├ęcor sections.

Also, you'll need some plastic tombstones, skeletons, some decorative rocks (that you can also find at your favorite craft store) and a bag of potting soil.

There's also some branches in there, so you can either buy black branches (while you're still at the craft store.... those will be in the floral section) or find your own, and spray paint them black.

The plants they've used are air plants, and if you're not familiar with air plants, you need to check this out.... they're pretty incredible!

So you'll need a few of these, and they come in several varieties and colors, so be sure to get a few different ones, to give it an interesting look.

Now to decorate..... add the potting soil at the bottom of the container, (keep in mind you may want to add more soil to one side, to create the illusion of a slope or hill, like in the pictures) and start filling in with the branches, rocks, and tombstones. Then I'd add the plants. Make sure to secure them pretty well into the dirt, so they don't fall over. (Also be sure to read and follow any care instructions that came with the plants, to insure they'll be able to grow properly)

Once you have the plants where you want them, pose the skeletons where you think the would look best.... close the lid.... and you're done!

The best part is that you'll have your own creepy, little oasis to enjoy. And you got your hands dirty today.... what a great day!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


With the chilly days of winter still upon us, you need to stay warm, and look cool to boot. Have I got the perfect solution for you!

This Hollywood Mirror Night Scream Knit Mask wants to know your favorite scary movie!
With this throwback knit ski mask that fits perfect over your head, you know you don’t have the wrong number.... This mask features an embroidered ghoulish design and cut out eyes, that’ll help you watch your friends squeal!
It retails for about $12.00 (plus shipping) and you can find it on the Dolls Kill website.
Now, if you're more of the super-hero, dark defender type.... they also carry The Dark Crusader Knit Mask, as well.
Not only are they super soft, warm, and fit like a glove.... but you'll be a Scream!

Monday, February 2, 2015


Here's your happy thought for the day.... enjoy.