Thursday, February 5, 2015


Even though the cold winds of winter are still blowing.... I can't help but wish to get my hands dirty, and put 'em in some good old soil.

Well, Spring is still quite a ways off, but this just may get you in the mood. Why not make a creepy terrarium, featuring tiny skeletons and a tiny graveyard?

How cool is this? This particular project was featured on the farmhouse38 website, and even if you have a black thumb.... it's not too difficult, at all!

Here are a few ideas to help you create this pretty cool terrarium....

First of all, you'll need a container, like this old-style lantern that opens at the top (great idea, because it'll make it so much easier to decorate) I know I've seen these at craft stores, in their home d├ęcor sections.

Also, you'll need some plastic tombstones, skeletons, some decorative rocks (that you can also find at your favorite craft store) and a bag of potting soil.

There's also some branches in there, so you can either buy black branches (while you're still at the craft store.... those will be in the floral section) or find your own, and spray paint them black.

The plants they've used are air plants, and if you're not familiar with air plants, you need to check this out.... they're pretty incredible!

So you'll need a few of these, and they come in several varieties and colors, so be sure to get a few different ones, to give it an interesting look.

Now to decorate..... add the potting soil at the bottom of the container, (keep in mind you may want to add more soil to one side, to create the illusion of a slope or hill, like in the pictures) and start filling in with the branches, rocks, and tombstones. Then I'd add the plants. Make sure to secure them pretty well into the dirt, so they don't fall over. (Also be sure to read and follow any care instructions that came with the plants, to insure they'll be able to grow properly)

Once you have the plants where you want them, pose the skeletons where you think the would look best.... close the lid.... and you're done!

The best part is that you'll have your own creepy, little oasis to enjoy. And you got your hands dirty today.... what a great day!