Monday, May 30, 2011


One of the best things to use pumpkins for during the spooky season are for centerpieces! They don't all have to be creepy or scary, pumpkins can be really pretty.

Check these out....with a few minor adornments, maybe some craft paint and even some beads and glitter, you can do the same thing.

Add a few candles and leaves and you have a show-stopper centerpiece. I know your guests will be very impressed when they find out you made it, and didn't buy it! Give it a try.....

Thursday, May 26, 2011


This glamorous party comes to you courtesy of the super-trendy folks at The Finer Things.

Halloween is such a great opportunity to be ultra-dramatic. A great idea for an adult-themed Halloween party would be a black-tie affair with touches of old-Hollywood glamour. Guests would be asked to dress as their favorite dead Hollywood icon. A few ideas would include Jean Harlow, Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, Rudolph Valentino, Lauren get the idea.

Nothing says drama like a black, white and blood-red palette. Combine it with subtle spooky details and plenty of candlelight to achieve a look that is both scary and spectacular, for a Happy Old Hollywood Halloween!

For more great ideas for party themes and accessories, click here.

Monday, May 23, 2011


I get lots of questions about ideas for babies first Halloween costume, and this is such a great idea! How cute would this be to show up with, at the neighborhood Halloween party?

I'm still trying to research the product, to see who manufactures this costume, but I think if you're a pretty decent seamstress, you could replicate it enough to look pretty cute.

Make a cardboard template for the outline of the air freshener. Then using some green felt-like or blanket material for the base of the costume,copy the template, cut it out and stitch together.

Once you've completed the cut out for the face and the hole at the top for the string, make sure you have a slit in the back of the costume, with either a zipper or ties to be extra safe for baby. I also would recommend that maybe on the back, you also include slits for their little hands to be free.

Once the costume has been stitched together, use some white fabric paint for the logo on the front of the costume.

I wish I knew a little bundle of joy to make this costume for, I think it would be pretty fun. If you decide to do this project, be sure to e mail me some pics so we all can enjoy your brilliance!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Come on....we've all been there.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I love Amazon and I was on their site the other day, and this popped up.....How fun is this? Especially if you live in a warm climate, where Halloween feels more like Spring or Summer.

Take a regular old pink flamingo that you can usually find at your favorite dollar discount type store, spray paint it black (make sure the paint is enamel based or use a clear coat gloss, to protect from the weather) and then use white gloss acrylic paint for the bones of the skeleton. See how easy that is?

But if you don't think you have the art skills to try this funky flamingo project, you can always hop on and buy 'em! No matter what you decided, I think these guys will be the hit of the neighborhood!

Monday, May 16, 2011


Even though I've said it many, many and black have always been my favorite Halloween colors, but I really love this idea that's so simple and looks very chic. If you're not a fan of the orange and black color pallet (really?) try this....

If you're decorating style is more Martha Stewart than The Munsters, you're gonna love this! Doesn't this table setting look fabulous? Just add some black and white jelly beans and licorice ....and viola! You've got an awesome look for your Halloween dinner party.

Add some black and white candles...and don't forget the spiders!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Click here to read the article on this fabulously chic idea!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Lucky me!!!! I was invited by my friend Margaret from CC SPOOK CENTRAL to accompany her on a "cemetery hop" today! She's working on a new project with  (more details on that later!)

I've got my camera and cemetery walkin' shoes, all ready to go! And I promise to post any cool pictures from today, that I think you all may like to see....So for today I thought a ghostly decorating project would be a great idea.

I love the folks at Country Living magazine, and this is a really great  idea....check it out.....

Friendly Ghosts from Country Living

These spirited little fellows are a cinch to make once you've set up a workstation. To do so, stack one small paper cup atop another that's turned upside down. (For extra stability, tape the cups together.) Inflate a small balloon and rest it in the top cup. Cut cheesecloth into pieces that measure about eight inches square and fill a bowl with fabric stiffener ($5.99;

For more kid friendly Halloween crafts, check out Country Living

Monday, May 9, 2011


Hope all you mummies had an awesome weekend and Mummy's Day!

So I figured in honor of mummies everywhere, we could feature a fun craft project that's really cute and easy for the kids to help with.

You all know how much I adore pumpkins....well, here's another alternative to the traditional jack-o-lantern. It's a mummy pumpkin!

I found this one on the PLAID website, and they have soooooo many great craft ideas, so be sure to check it out! Here's what you'll need.....

Stiffy ® Fabric Stiffener, 8 oz.
Apple Barrel ® Colors - Black, 2 oz.
Plaid ® Glo Away™
Small faux pumpkin
Googly eyes 1"
Paint brush
Hot glue gun
Craft knife

1.Cut cheesecloth into several strips, 4" X 12". Fold in half lengthwise. Follow the instructions on the Stiffy bottle. Apply strips to pumpkin leaving the top and bottom not covered. Allow to dry.

2.Hot glue eyes to pumpkin. Cut four more pieces about 4" X 6" and fold lengthwise. Cover the top and bottom of each eye in a diagonal so you can see a little of the eyes peeking out at you. Allow to dry.

3.Using a craft knife, cut out a small mouth. Paint the inside of mouth black.

4.Brush the Glo Away on top of the cheesecloth for in-the-dark effect.

For more Mummy fun, be surre to check out my Devilish Delights recipe page!

Friday, May 6, 2011


Ok....I love this idea! It's a spooky twist on an old favorite. Who doesn't love Rice Krispy treats?

Well, just add a few drops of orange food coloring to the marshmallow mix and follow the directions on the box for making the gooey treats.

Then roll into little round shapes and drizzle with chocolate. How easy is that? And the best part......everyone will think you slaved over these decadent desserts....but we'll know better, won't we?

Thursday, May 5, 2011


If you're like me ( I know you don't want to admit it...) I would much rather make something really cool and creepy for my Halloween decor, instead of buying it, and having the same old thing as everyone else.

I want my party to be the one everyone "ooohhhhs" and "aaahhhhhs", and "eeeeks!!!" about. So try this idea....

Get a few clay flower pots in assorted sizes and paint them to match your party decor, and use them as tablescapes and serving containers for your treats and eats. These spooky ghosts and super cute, but why not make some with bloody hand prints!? (these are my favorite!)

I have so many of these I've made, and I always get requests to make some for a few friends when Halloween comes around. I think I've had these particular ones for about 4 or 5 years, and they still look amazing.

Just paint the pots with a base of white acrylic craft paint (gloss) let dry. Then dry-brush black acrylic craft paint (gloss) over top, letting the white show through. Let dry again. Then here comes the fun part..... dip your hand in red acrylic craft paint (gloss) and make bloody hand prints over the pot. Don't forget to make a few bloody drips along the rim of the pot.

See how easy that was? The best really freaks out the neighbors if you do this outside!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Hanging stocking by the chimney with care, doesn't just have to be for Santa's arrival. You all know how much I love making Halloween trees each year, and I think this idea is just as much fun!

I got this from a faithful follower who said she saw this idea on-line, then made some for her kids Harvest Festival, last year. Not only was it a hit, but now Lori says that she's already been asked to make more for this years festival! (Way to go, Lori!)

It's such a simple idea....just make a basic stocking pattern, then cut out some festive spooky fabric and sew or hot glue on some embellishments!

I have visions of gummy worms, eyeball super-balls with creepy crawly toy spiders and snakes stuffed in the stockings, waiting to be opened on Halloween!

Thanks for the idea, Lori...and if any of you decide to make some of these stockings, be sure to e mail me a picture and I'll post all of your creations!


I found this amazing idea while surfing the web....and I love it! It's one of those ideas where you say.... "Why didn't I think of that?!"

I think this could be replicated pretty easily and look pretty darn cool to boot! All you need is an old book of Poe and some decoupage....or you could take a wooden pre-made birdhouse (you know, the ones you find at your favorite craft store for a few dollars) and practice your Trompe L'oeil painting  technique.

I wish I knew who to thank for such a cool idea, but if you find out, let me know so we can be sure to credit them. I think this project is cool enough to display all year long. Won't it look great in the old library at the Manor?

I really love birdhouses, and I think I may need to work on a few haunted houses for our feathered look for that project coming soon!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Wouldn't it be nice to have your whole house decorated so spooky, but still very chic? Check this out... it's from a company called MOGUL, and they really have some cool stuff, but this chair really caught my eye. Did you notice the skull at the top of the chair?

I'd love to have a set of them for the old library in the Manor, or wouldn't they be perfect chairs for the dining room table? Love it!

To see more spooky-chic furniture, click here.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Did you kow there's an app that can locate the kids while they're out trick or treating? ME EITHER! But what a great idea! Here's the story, check it out.....

Laguna Hills, CA. – Halloween is meant to be a fun & scary holiday, but, as parents would undoubtedly agree, not a dangerous one. Costumes, creepy decorations and, for better or worse, eating tons of candy are the hardcore traditions of the ghoulish day, and in today’s high-tech world, Iconosys unveils a new Smartphone app that enables responsible parents to know the exact whereabouts of their trick-or-treating kids without requiring them to follow alongside in the family car (risking the lives of others that may stray into their paths, as they are distracted by the task of diligently watching their children from the car window).

Iconosys, Inc., the Laguna Hills, CA developer of safety enhancing mobile apps for the Smartphone that help curb Distracted Driving, (Texting While Driving/Mobile Phone Talking While Driving) and Cyberbullying, among other dangerous societal problems, has created TrickorTracker™ so that parents can safely monitor their kids via their Smartphone, while their children are out and about gathering treats. TrickorTracker™ is free of charge for Halloween (it does expire afterwards), or can be purchased for $9.99 thereafter for full lifetime coverage of family members.

“Kids are highly vulnerable even in large groups when they trick-or-treat,” commented Wayne Irving II, inventor of the TrickorTracker™ and Iconosys CEO and Founder. “It’s nighttime, kids are going door-to-door taking gifts from mostly people they don’t know, they are in costume/disguised and their parents may be miles away. TrickorTracker™ can help give parents peace of mind without sacrificing any of the Halloween holiday fun.”

To highlight several of the new app’s important features:

* TrickorTracker™ can locate a trick-or-treater with the touch of a single button on the user’s Smartphone for ultimate convenience.

* The app installs easily on both the parent’s phone and the child’s own phone (note– if the child is too young to use a Smartphone, Iconosys believes that they are probably too young to trick-or-treat without being accompanied by a parent or guardian in any event).

* The TrickorTracker™ is available in English as well as Spanish.

* Messages can be sent to the child’s phone using a special code that is picked up and responded to via pre-set coordinates.

* The child’s phone will have special “Where Am I?” and “Where’s My Parent?” buttons, and the parent’s phone will have a corresponding “Where’s My Child?” button.

* Parents can program their phone to receive messages at regular intervals –or more often if necessary — revealing exactly where their child is on an hourly basis.

* Only the child’s phone must be an Android OS phone. For the parent, any Google maps-loaded phone (including iPhone, Blackberry, or Windows Phone 7) will work using a simple manual process. If both parent and child have Android phones, 2-way parent-child tethering is available, so the child knows where the parent is.

* The app also has a very handy flashlight feature that illuminates the phone screen, casting a ray of light on a child’s path and allowing them to travel more safely in the dark or into their treat bag to sneak a treat along their journey. This is available in white and five glow-stick colors (orange, pink, blue, red, and green).

“The bottom line is that we have designed this technology to promote safety and security for the children who are out there celebrating what should be a fun and happy Halloween experience,” added Irving.

I think this is a great idea and a must have for moms and dads this Halloween. TrickorTracker™ is now available for download from the Android Market,, and