Monday, May 23, 2011


I get lots of questions about ideas for babies first Halloween costume, and this is such a great idea! How cute would this be to show up with, at the neighborhood Halloween party?

I'm still trying to research the product, to see who manufactures this costume, but I think if you're a pretty decent seamstress, you could replicate it enough to look pretty cute.

Make a cardboard template for the outline of the air freshener. Then using some green felt-like or blanket material for the base of the costume,copy the template, cut it out and stitch together.

Once you've completed the cut out for the face and the hole at the top for the string, make sure you have a slit in the back of the costume, with either a zipper or ties to be extra safe for baby. I also would recommend that maybe on the back, you also include slits for their little hands to be free.

Once the costume has been stitched together, use some white fabric paint for the logo on the front of the costume.

I wish I knew a little bundle of joy to make this costume for, I think it would be pretty fun. If you decide to do this project, be sure to e mail me some pics so we all can enjoy your brilliance!