Thursday, May 5, 2011


If you're like me ( I know you don't want to admit it...) I would much rather make something really cool and creepy for my Halloween decor, instead of buying it, and having the same old thing as everyone else.

I want my party to be the one everyone "ooohhhhs" and "aaahhhhhs", and "eeeeks!!!" about. So try this idea....

Get a few clay flower pots in assorted sizes and paint them to match your party decor, and use them as tablescapes and serving containers for your treats and eats. These spooky ghosts and super cute, but why not make some with bloody hand prints!? (these are my favorite!)

I have so many of these I've made, and I always get requests to make some for a few friends when Halloween comes around. I think I've had these particular ones for about 4 or 5 years, and they still look amazing.

Just paint the pots with a base of white acrylic craft paint (gloss) let dry. Then dry-brush black acrylic craft paint (gloss) over top, letting the white show through. Let dry again. Then here comes the fun part..... dip your hand in red acrylic craft paint (gloss) and make bloody hand prints over the pot. Don't forget to make a few bloody drips along the rim of the pot.

See how easy that was? The best really freaks out the neighbors if you do this outside!