Friday, May 30, 2014


I know how much you all love to find creative (and super easy) ways to decorate cakes, and here's another cool design, I knew you'd love!

It's a simple chocolate cake with white icing and chocolate spiders.... a favorite dessert around the Manor.

You can make the spiders ahead of time with Magic Shell Chocolate Sauce.

Spiders are pretty easy to make with this stuff, and I'm warning you... it is addicting!

I recommend pouring the chocolate sauce into a squeeze bottle with a narrow tip. (You can find these in the art and/or painting section of your favorite craft store)

You'll want to practice this on a sheet of wax paper, on a flat surface. Make a fat circle for the body of the spider, then make a smaller circle for the head, right next to it. Then make 3 legs on each side of the body.

You may want to practice this a few times until you get the hang of it. And the best part, is you can munch on the mistakes while you're practicing!

Once you're feeling pretty confident, take a cookie tray lined with wax paper, and make the spiders on that. Make as many spiders as you want for on the cake. Then put the tray in the refrigerator to set for about 10 minutes.

I like to make the web out of the Magic Shell Chocolate Sauce, too. But you can also do it with a pastry bag and tip, if you prefer.

And remember when you're dealing with chocolate spiders.... the more the better!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Part of the magic of being a good Halloween Homemaker is being able to whip up a festive centerpiece in no time at all.

Well, here's another one to add to your bag of tricks.... and all you need to complete this witch's hat centerpiece is a plain black witch hat, (come on, we all have a bunch of these in our closets!) your handy-dandy hot glue gun, some wide ribbon (with a wire edge works best)....  some straight pins, a floral foam ring (that fits around the base of the hat) and some orange and black artificial flowers and glittery accent foliage.

Set the hat down with the point facing up. (Like the picture)

Put the floral ring over the point so it sits over the base of the hat.

Take the ribbon and bunch around the ring, and secure it with the straight pins. Do this the whole way around the hat.... fluffing up the ribbon to make it look full.

Once the ribbon is attached, add the flowers and accents by pushing them into the ring, then add a dab of hot glue to keep it secure. Do this the whole way around, and in between the ribbon.

*Poof!* You're done!

Even Samantha Stevens couldn't do it any faster!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


It takes a lot of time to plan and prepare making an awesome costume. But don't forget that make-up can be part of a really awesome costume too.You may not need to be sporting a huge head-piece and mask, because some really cool make up can do the trick.

Recently, I've had quite a few questions on stylish costumes for work-related or community functions, that are a bit more simple and sophisticated.

Now with a bit of pratice, you too can create this eye make up, to go along with your favorite witch's hat and dress. If you search the www, you'll find some costume shops that sell the kits online, so you can have everything you need to create the same look, all in one kit. Super easy!

But with a few regular cosmetics, you can do the same thing.... it just takes a bit of pratice. To do this look, all you'll need is a black eyeliner pencil, some glittery purple eye shadow, and a few eye jewels and some cosmetic glue.

Now be patient, this will take a bit of time to perfect, but you can do it. And it's just a suggestion, but you might want to sketch it on some paper first, to get used to making the spider webs. Just pratice, and start well before the big day... trust me.... you don't want to try this the morning of your office Halloween party.

Start out with the eyeliner around the eye, and draw on the spider web.

Then shade in with the purple shadow. (Use the photo above as your guide)

Add lots of mascara to your lashes.

Lastly, add the eye jewels with a dab of cosmetic glue. (If you buy them in a kit, be sure to follow the package insrtuctions)

Remember, pratice, pratice, pratice..... and I promise you'll get this down pat. Then grab your best witch's hat and broom.... and you'll be on your way!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Welcome back from that 3 day weekend! Hope you all had a frightful time.

We had lots of guests at the Manor for our annual Memorial
bar-b-q.... and you know what? I'm a little tuckered out today.

It might be a good day just to relax, and not do a darn thing.

Even us Halloween Homemakers need a break, every now and then....

Friday, May 23, 2014


What a busy week of conjuring, cauldron polishing, and keeping a thick layer of dusty cobwebs around the Manor. A Halloween Homemaker's job is never done.

So how about something simple and sweet, like this adorable skeleton centerpiece! It's a great way to show off those lovely flowers, and it's quite easy to make.

This is another outdoor painting project, so be sure to have your tarp, (or newspapers to lay down where you want to paint) a paint rag (just in case you drip), and your spray paint. Don't forget a trash bag and some paper towels for the pumpkin guts....

Ok.... You'll want to hollow-out and clean your pumpkin. If you like the look of this guy, it's a pretty easy design to do by hand.... (Just 2 circles, a triangle, and a few lines.... you can do this) and remember, it doesn't have to be perfect, you can always use this picture as a guide.

Once you draw on the image, carefully cut it out with your pumpkin carving tools, or exacto knife. Once you're happy with the design, be sure to clean the pumpkin again, then let dry. Then spray with a coat of gloss or matte white spray paint, whatever you prefer.  (Helpful hint, the gloss helps keep the pumpkin shiny and fresher, longer)

Once it's completely dried, flip it over and be sure to spray the bottom, so you have good coverage all over the pumpkin. Let dry. 

Then, what I do is fill a jar with water, and arrange the flowers in that. It'll help them to last longer, since you'll just change the water in the jar, every so often.

Place the jar with the flowers inside the pumpkin, and you've got an instant centerpiece! Told you it was simple.... and so sweet......

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes.... every where you go now a days, you see cupcakes. I for one, looooooove a good cupcake. They're the perfect treat. Small enough that you don't feel too guilty, and oh so sinfully simple to make!

I think this would be super cute for your daughter's next slumber party.... how about a zombie theme? Be sure to have all the girls dress up in zombie make up and pajamas, and serve green zombie punch and pizza. (The recipe for my famous Zombie Punch is below....)

You can make the Hello Zombie Kitty cupcakes ahead of time.... or just buy some pre-made cupcakes from your local bakery and add a few finishing touches yourself. Or I find that if I ask them nicely (and provide a picture) they'll be happy to do it for you! 

Now if your daughter is a young teen, they might get a kick out of some old classic zombie movies (not too scary) like "The Creature With The Atom Brain" (1955), "Voodoo Isalnd" (1957), "The Thing That Couldn't Die" (1958) and one of my favorites.... "Plan 9 From Outer Space" (1959).

"Plan 9 From Outer Space" was once named "The WORST Movie Ever Made"!!! But I have to tell you, it's soooo bad, it's great! And besides.... a movie that has the original Scream Queen.... Vampira, can't be all bad, right? I'm sure once the kids see these old horror films, they'll scream with laughter instead of fright!

But, you know kids these days, you may want to have your daughter pick out a few back up choices.... just in case. And don't forget the popcron!

Here's the Queen's Best Zombie Punch Recipe:

2 cups 7-Up or Sprite
2 cups lime soda
4 cups ginger ale
1 gallon lime sherbet, softened

Place ingredients in punch bowl and stir until mixed well. Add ice to keep chilled.

It's the perfect plan for a zombified good time.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I know last week things went right down the toilet with all the talk of bathroom decorating, and such.... but come on! I just had to share this idea!

Meghan sent me this picture, and I knew you'd all love to see it. She says each year she has someone scary waiting for her guests in her 2 and a half baths.... and the screams alone are worth it!

I couldn't agree with you more, Meghan!

If you love the look, all you need to do is check out some of those party and costume stores online, and you can find a red and green Freddy Krueger sweater, mask, hat, and the official Freddy glove. And usually during the off season, you can pick them up pretty cheap.

You'll also need a styrofoam (8 to 10 inch tall rectangle) block, 1 or 2 bamboo skewers, and some duct tape.

And here's how to do it in 6 easy steps....
 Slide the sweater over the base of the toilet tank.

Attach the glove to the sweater by using duct tape on the inside of the cuff. Be sure to pull the cuff down over the base of the glove, to hide the tape.

Place the styrofoam block in the neck of the sweater, attach it to the tank with duct tape, to keep it secure.

Then add 1 or 2 bamboo skewers coming out of the top of the block (pointy end goes into the styrofoam) to rest the mask on.

At the neck of the mask, secure to the block with more duct tape.

Don't forget to top it off with Freddy's signature hat.

I can hear the screams now! I love this idea, thanks for sharing. That Meghan is one crafty ghoul.

Monday, May 19, 2014


Happy Monday to all! Hope your weekend was dreadful and dreary.

I was up a bit early today, and decided to go check on the gardens to see how they were coming along, after our weekend rain storm....

And much to my delight, here's what greeted me this morning!

The white gardenias are blooming.... and they smell magnificent!

And I even had a little spider (can you see the web in front of the studio window?) who greeted me this morning....

Looks like all's well in the garden. Happy Monday!

Friday, May 16, 2014


Well, yes I am.

Since my last post, it seems a lot of my Halloweenies are just absolutely giddy about decorating the bathroom!

Laura likes to write scary messages in acrylic red paint on the mirrors.... Cindi is a bit more sophisticated with orange and black towels, mats and candles.... and Megan is a ghoul after my own heart, with a bloody bath mat and shower curtain.... just like this!

We've talked about this other posts, but in case you missed it, here's the idea....

This is sooooo fun to make, and it'll look KILLER in your bathroom! Now you could go out and buy these, I've seen them in a lot of stores around Halloween time.... but who wants to do that? My way is so much more fun, I promise.

All you need is a plain shower curtain and matching bath mat. Get out the gloss red acrylic paint, a few brushes, a paint rag and paper plate.... and a tarp to paint on.

Weather permitting, this is a good outdoor project. Lay out the tarp on the ground. Spread out the shower curtain, and pour some red paint on the paper plate. Then carefully, put your hand in the paint (you may need to use a paint brush to touch up some spots) then press it onto the curtain. Don't forget to add a few drips and streaks with your paint brushes. You can also make some cool blood splatters if you dip your brush into the paint, and then flick the bristles all over the curtain. It looks awesome, and Dexter would be so proud of you!

Then once the shower curtain looks the way you want it to, move on to the mat. Wipe the paint off your hands with the rag, then do the same process, only this time, use your feet!

Make bloody foot prints on the mat (or mats) and I'm sure you'll have a case of the giggles the whole time you're doing this! And if you really want to have a blood bath.... you can make hand towels, toilet seat covers, and curtains to match!

Happy Bloody Friday!

Thursday, May 15, 2014


You know, I think some of the best decorating ideas are the ones that you never see coming.... you know, you don't expect it.... and *bam! There it is!

One of my faithful Halloweenies Tammy sent me this idea, and she admits that she copied it from one of those decorator magazines.... but that's ok Tammy, we're all friends here and we share ideas! After all, that's what our little corner of the web is all about!

And I find that the bathroom is one of those rooms, that really doesn't get too much attention during Halloween, because you need it to be functioning and praticial. But you're gonna love this!

Just add some felt or construction paper cut-outs to a few rolls of toilet paper, and stack 'em up on the bathroom sink or shelf.

I loooooove this idea! Thanks for sharing, Tammy!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


One of my favorite Pinterest Pals sent this to me, and we both immediately said "DUH!" when we saw this picture! So simple. So creative.... why didn't we think of this????

It's a decorative garland of bones..... and it's all made from dog biscuits! No kidding! All you do is take a bunch of Spot's favorite dog bones, spray paint them white (on both sides) let dry. Then drill a hole at each end (with a super skinny drill bit) and using floral wire, connect each bone with the wire, (or make a loop) and knot each end. Continue adding bones, until the garland is the length you want.

I know, I can't believe it either!

I might add some festive black and orange ribbon at each end, (or even in between each bone, tied to the floral wire) but other than that.... this idea is just brilliant!

Monday, May 12, 2014


You may not realize that Halloween is quickly becoming a popular time for weddings.

If you, or someone you know is planning a gothic-inspired, or Halloween themed wedding, you may want to pay attention.

I received lots of questions over the last few months about black wedding bouquets. Most brides are now designing (and even making) their own bouquets, and you can too!

It's really not as hard as you think. You just need an idea, and know what kind of flowers you like. Real or artificial? Over the top or simply elegant? Not that hard, right? If you can arrange flowers, you can make a bouquet. If you see something you like, copy it.

Your local craft store probably has a wedding section, and tons of stuff that you can use to make your own original bridal bouquet.

Bouquets come in many sizes and shapes, so don't worry if it's not traditional.... you're the bride after all! You can have whatever you want.

If you don't feel too confident in making one yourself, be sure take some pictures along of what you like when you meet with your florist, and they'll help you create the bouquet you've always dreamed of.

Sunday, May 11, 2014


I wish all you Halloweenie mummys a fab-boo-lous day!

And take it from some moms who know how to make your day extra special....

Treat yourself to a little spa time with a sea serpent milk beauty mask,

Have a lovely brunch at Graveyard on The Green,

Any if anyone gets on your nerves today, turn them into a donkey!


Saturday, May 10, 2014


Looking for some freaky fun nail art for add to your Halloween attire?

You might want to try this idea, claw nails! It doesn't look too difficult to do. But if you're not an experienced nail polisher, you may need to enlist one of your ghoul friends to assist in the painting.

The possibilities are endless! Ghosties, pumpkins, and monsters.... oh my! Here are a few other ideas you may want to try...

For more fab-boo-lous nail art, click here!

Friday, May 9, 2014


It's another super-easy project day!

Today I'm going to tell you how to make a freaky festive serving tray, that's so spook-tacular you'll want to use it all year long.

First of all, start looking at your favorite thrift shops to find and old metal tray. Spray paint it black. Let dry completely.

Then it's time to hop on the www and find a skull pattern you like. Click here for the same pattern as above.  Enlarge to the size you want inside the tray. Cut it out, set aside.

Now for the inside of the tray, you could use some pages from some old books, or get a few sheets of thin (almost see through) scrapbooking paper (they come in dozens of colors and prints, it'll be easy to find something you like) that  you can find at your local craft store.

Then what you'll do is cut them to fit the inside of the tray. Once they look the way you want, apply Mod Podge glue.

Then carefully, add the skull image to the center. Apply more Mod Podge glue.

You also could add another layer of see through scrapbooking paper to go over the skull image, to give it more detail. Then add another coat of the Mod Podge. Let dry.

Once the tray looks the way you want it to look, you'll want to spray the inside with a clear coat enamel sealer, to protect the image. Let dry completely.

Remember, you can make it any way you want, so be creative! Have fun with it, and think how much you'll love it when someone asks where you got that fab-boo-lous tray, and you can say.... "This old thing? I made it myself!"

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Ok ladies.... So I understand that many of you are in need of an alternative to a traditional Halloween costume.

Maybe the idea of dressing up as the Bride of Frankenstein doesn't thrill you? (Really??? How could it not?)

Or maybe your Zombie Queen of The Dead costume wouldn't be appropriate while giving that presentation hours before the office  Halloween party.... or just maybe.... everyone in your office is a bit of a stick in the mud, and you need a subtle but classy costume to celebrate around the water cooler.

How about The Grieving Widow?

I've done this costume several times myself, for events and more formal Halloween parties. All you need is a long black dress, black stockings and shoes, black gloves and you must have a classy black hat and viel to top it off!

You can find lost of amazing handmade hats on Esty, like these!

Here are a few styles to inspire you....

Who says you can't look classy in a Halloween costume? And don't forget your hankie to dry your tears for your dearly departed....

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


When you come home from work feeling like the walking dead, boost your spirits with the some zombified cookies. All you to need to make them is this super-cute Zombie Cookie Cutter!

And having some zombie cookies around just might save your life in the event of a zombie apocalypse. You never know....

This cutter is made of stainless steel and measures 5-inch by 3-inch. How perfect for parties, gifts, goodie bags.... or just to cut out peanut butter and jelly brain snadwiches for your little zombies. 

To see more really cool cookie cutters, be sure to log on to the Cheap Cookie Cutters website!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


You know it's never to early to start planning the perfect party!

I mean, we only have 177 days until Halloween.... so not a moment to waste!

And I know how you all love fun holiday drink recipes, so how about a round of Jell-O shots? Now, please remember, these shots are for grown up goblins only, but you can alter the recipe to be non-alcoholic for the little monsters as well.

What a fun idea.... and maybe have a zombie nurse walking around serving them up.... would be an absolute SCREAM!

You can usually find these fake syringes at your local party store, or start looking online at discount party supply websites. This time of year you can usually get them at a great price.

Now it's time to make the shots....

This is an open ended shooter recipe that is just waiting for your creativity. You can use the gelatin flavor of your choice, change the color with a few drops of food coloring, layer flavors and colors, cut out shapes with cookie cutters or use various containers, pour the unset mix into molds, or try them with tequila, rum, or any other liquor. You really cannot go wrong with this recipe and your party guests will love it.

This recipe is for a single, 3 ounce box of gelatin, which is the most common size. It will make about 16 1-ounce shots and you can multiply the recipe to make more or to fit bigger cups.

Now if you want a great Jell-O shot recipe, check this out:

Cook Time: 2 hours, 20 minutes
Total Time: 2 hours, 20 minutes
Yield: 16 1-ounce shots


•3 ounces Jell-O or other gelatin (any flavor)
•1 cup boiling water
•1/2 cup (4 ounces) vodka (or other distilled spirit)
•1/2 cup cold water


1.Chill the liquor and cold water mix in the refrigerator so they are a consistent temperature.
2.Pour gelatin into a bowl.
3.Add boiling water, stirring until the gelatin is completely dissolved.
4.Stir in chilled liquor and water mix and food coloring (optional).
5.Pour into plastic syringes.
6.Refrigerate until the liquid sets. (At least 2 hours, but overnight refrigeration is recommended)
7.Serve cold.

You know, you can make almost any of your favorite cocktail recipes into a Jell-O shot. It can be a little tricky, but with experimentation, you can get the mixture right. The key is to maintain the original cocktail's proportions while staying around 1 total cup of volume for the chilled liquid.

And if you want to make some for the kiddos (non-alcoholic, of course!) just follow the same directions as above without the alcohol. 

So maybe the next time you have to get a shot, you won't feel so bad..... 

Friday, May 2, 2014


This mouth-watering recipe comes straight from I Am Baker, and I'm drooling right now, just thinking about it!
Everyone knows how much I adore candy corn, and this cake was inspired by the Brach's Indian Corn candy (close enough for me!)
Now you could go the traditional route and make a candy corn cake in the signature white, orange and yellow (all with white cake mix, frosting, and the magic of food coloring).... but let's try something new, shall we? Come on.... it'll be fun!
  • 1 box white cake mix
  • 1 box chocolate cake mix
  • 3 containers white frosting (or three cups)
  • 1 container chocolate frosting (or 1 cup)
  • Optional: Orange extract
  • 1 bag of Brach's Indian Corn (for decoration)
  1. Bake chocolate cake in 8in round cake pan. One cake will be used, so you can wrap the other 8in round cake and place in freezer.
  2. For the white and orange layers, simple prepare white cake batter as you normally would. Divide batter in half and tint one half orange. (Add orange extract if you wish)
  3. Bake white cake batter in 8in cake pan and bake orange cake batter in 8in cake pan.
  4. For frosting, take one container of white frosting and tint it orange. I used gel food coloring and about 4-6 drops.
  5. To assemble cake:
  6. Place chocolate cake on cake stand. Place thin layer of chocolate frosting.
  7. Place orange layer on top and cover in thin layer of orange frosting.
  8. Finally, place white cake on top and cover entire cake in crumb coat.
  9. Decorate top with candy corn!

Now wipe your mouth darling.... you're drooling.

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Jack Skellington Halloween String Garland    
What’s this? What's this?

An adorably festive craft inspired by the King of Halloween Town, himself! You can make your very own Jack Skellington garland, with these step by step instructions and a template, from the super crafters at  Spoonful!

Let's get started....

What you'll need

  • White cotton string
  • Black felt
  • Water balloons
  • Liquid fabric starch

How to make it

Blow up your water balloons so they are about 4 inches wide and tie off the ends.

Cut the white cotton string into long lengths, about 5 feet long. You can always cut more.

Cut out the eyes, nose, and mouth template and trace them onto the black felt. Cut out the pieces. You will need a pair of eyes, a nose, and a mouth for each Jack Skellington string ball you wish to make.

Pour liquid starch into a bowl. Place your balloon into the bowl. Dip the ends of your 5 foot white string into the bowl and wrap the string around your balloon, soaking the string in the starch before you wrap. Add more lengths of white string. Once the balloon resembles a very messy spider web, hang the balloon up to dry. Place paper towels or craft paper under the balloons as they will drip.

Cut a piece of string about a foot long and tie one end to the end of the balloon. (You will use this string to hang your balloon so it can dry).

Repeat this process with each Jack Skellington String Ball you wish to add to your garland.

Once all the string balls are dry, pop the balloons and pull them out through a gap in the string. Glue on a pair of eyes, a mouth, and a nose to each string ball. Tie them to a long ribbon, yarn, or string garland, evenly spacing them. Cut off extra string after you have tied them into place.

How fun is that? I think this could keep me quite busy, all day!

Trust me.... You really need to check out the Spoonful website to get lots more amazing crafty ideas, like this!