Thursday, May 15, 2014


You know, I think some of the best decorating ideas are the ones that you never see coming.... you know, you don't expect it.... and *bam! There it is!

One of my faithful Halloweenies Tammy sent me this idea, and she admits that she copied it from one of those decorator magazines.... but that's ok Tammy, we're all friends here and we share ideas! After all, that's what our little corner of the web is all about!

And I find that the bathroom is one of those rooms, that really doesn't get too much attention during Halloween, because you need it to be functioning and praticial. But you're gonna love this!

Just add some felt or construction paper cut-outs to a few rolls of toilet paper, and stack 'em up on the bathroom sink or shelf.

I loooooove this idea! Thanks for sharing, Tammy!