Friday, May 23, 2014


What a busy week of conjuring, cauldron polishing, and keeping a thick layer of dusty cobwebs around the Manor. A Halloween Homemaker's job is never done.

So how about something simple and sweet, like this adorable skeleton centerpiece! It's a great way to show off those lovely flowers, and it's quite easy to make.

This is another outdoor painting project, so be sure to have your tarp, (or newspapers to lay down where you want to paint) a paint rag (just in case you drip), and your spray paint. Don't forget a trash bag and some paper towels for the pumpkin guts....

Ok.... You'll want to hollow-out and clean your pumpkin. If you like the look of this guy, it's a pretty easy design to do by hand.... (Just 2 circles, a triangle, and a few lines.... you can do this) and remember, it doesn't have to be perfect, you can always use this picture as a guide.

Once you draw on the image, carefully cut it out with your pumpkin carving tools, or exacto knife. Once you're happy with the design, be sure to clean the pumpkin again, then let dry. Then spray with a coat of gloss or matte white spray paint, whatever you prefer.  (Helpful hint, the gloss helps keep the pumpkin shiny and fresher, longer)

Once it's completely dried, flip it over and be sure to spray the bottom, so you have good coverage all over the pumpkin. Let dry. 

Then, what I do is fill a jar with water, and arrange the flowers in that. It'll help them to last longer, since you'll just change the water in the jar, every so often.

Place the jar with the flowers inside the pumpkin, and you've got an instant centerpiece! Told you it was simple.... and so sweet......

Happy Friday!