Friday, May 16, 2014


Well, yes I am.

Since my last post, it seems a lot of my Halloweenies are just absolutely giddy about decorating the bathroom!

Laura likes to write scary messages in acrylic red paint on the mirrors.... Cindi is a bit more sophisticated with orange and black towels, mats and candles.... and Megan is a ghoul after my own heart, with a bloody bath mat and shower curtain.... just like this!

We've talked about this other posts, but in case you missed it, here's the idea....

This is sooooo fun to make, and it'll look KILLER in your bathroom! Now you could go out and buy these, I've seen them in a lot of stores around Halloween time.... but who wants to do that? My way is so much more fun, I promise.

All you need is a plain shower curtain and matching bath mat. Get out the gloss red acrylic paint, a few brushes, a paint rag and paper plate.... and a tarp to paint on.

Weather permitting, this is a good outdoor project. Lay out the tarp on the ground. Spread out the shower curtain, and pour some red paint on the paper plate. Then carefully, put your hand in the paint (you may need to use a paint brush to touch up some spots) then press it onto the curtain. Don't forget to add a few drips and streaks with your paint brushes. You can also make some cool blood splatters if you dip your brush into the paint, and then flick the bristles all over the curtain. It looks awesome, and Dexter would be so proud of you!

Then once the shower curtain looks the way you want it to, move on to the mat. Wipe the paint off your hands with the rag, then do the same process, only this time, use your feet!

Make bloody foot prints on the mat (or mats) and I'm sure you'll have a case of the giggles the whole time you're doing this! And if you really want to have a blood bath.... you can make hand towels, toilet seat covers, and curtains to match!

Happy Bloody Friday!