Friday, May 9, 2014


It's another super-easy project day!

Today I'm going to tell you how to make a freaky festive serving tray, that's so spook-tacular you'll want to use it all year long.

First of all, start looking at your favorite thrift shops to find and old metal tray. Spray paint it black. Let dry completely.

Then it's time to hop on the www and find a skull pattern you like. Click here for the same pattern as above.  Enlarge to the size you want inside the tray. Cut it out, set aside.

Now for the inside of the tray, you could use some pages from some old books, or get a few sheets of thin (almost see through) scrapbooking paper (they come in dozens of colors and prints, it'll be easy to find something you like) that  you can find at your local craft store.

Then what you'll do is cut them to fit the inside of the tray. Once they look the way you want, apply Mod Podge glue.

Then carefully, add the skull image to the center. Apply more Mod Podge glue.

You also could add another layer of see through scrapbooking paper to go over the skull image, to give it more detail. Then add another coat of the Mod Podge. Let dry.

Once the tray looks the way you want it to look, you'll want to spray the inside with a clear coat enamel sealer, to protect the image. Let dry completely.

Remember, you can make it any way you want, so be creative! Have fun with it, and think how much you'll love it when someone asks where you got that fab-boo-lous tray, and you can say.... "This old thing? I made it myself!"