Wednesday, May 28, 2014


It takes a lot of time to plan and prepare making an awesome costume. But don't forget that make-up can be part of a really awesome costume too.You may not need to be sporting a huge head-piece and mask, because some really cool make up can do the trick.

Recently, I've had quite a few questions on stylish costumes for work-related or community functions, that are a bit more simple and sophisticated.

Now with a bit of pratice, you too can create this eye make up, to go along with your favorite witch's hat and dress. If you search the www, you'll find some costume shops that sell the kits online, so you can have everything you need to create the same look, all in one kit. Super easy!

But with a few regular cosmetics, you can do the same thing.... it just takes a bit of pratice. To do this look, all you'll need is a black eyeliner pencil, some glittery purple eye shadow, and a few eye jewels and some cosmetic glue.

Now be patient, this will take a bit of time to perfect, but you can do it. And it's just a suggestion, but you might want to sketch it on some paper first, to get used to making the spider webs. Just pratice, and start well before the big day... trust me.... you don't want to try this the morning of your office Halloween party.

Start out with the eyeliner around the eye, and draw on the spider web.

Then shade in with the purple shadow. (Use the photo above as your guide)

Add lots of mascara to your lashes.

Lastly, add the eye jewels with a dab of cosmetic glue. (If you buy them in a kit, be sure to follow the package insrtuctions)

Remember, pratice, pratice, pratice..... and I promise you'll get this down pat. Then grab your best witch's hat and broom.... and you'll be on your way!