Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Hanging stocking by the chimney with care, doesn't just have to be for Santa's arrival. You all know how much I love making Halloween trees each year, and I think this idea is just as much fun!

I got this from a faithful follower who said she saw this idea on-line, then made some for her kids Harvest Festival, last year. Not only was it a hit, but now Lori says that she's already been asked to make more for this years festival! (Way to go, Lori!)

It's such a simple idea....just make a basic stocking pattern, then cut out some festive spooky fabric and sew or hot glue on some embellishments!

I have visions of gummy worms, eyeball super-balls with creepy crawly toy spiders and snakes stuffed in the stockings, waiting to be opened on Halloween!

Thanks for the idea, Lori...and if any of you decide to make some of these stockings, be sure to e mail me a picture and I'll post all of your creations!