Thursday, September 5, 2013


I found this on Pinterest, and I have to admit, I sat there dazed for a moment.... just in awe of how brilliant this was.... and wondering why wasn't I the one who thought of this????

One of my very favorite things about the fall season are caramel apples! And when you see this, you too will be shocked and amazed, at what a great idea this is. Ok, so if we have to break it down step by step, here goes:

1. Cut an apple in half. Take a mellon-baller and hollow out the center, leaving about an inch of the apple in tact, inside and around the edge.

2. Using ice cream topping caramel (out of a squeeze bottle) pour into a pan and heat until boiling. Stirring so the caramel doesn't stick to the bottom. Remove from heat.

3. Pour caramel into hollowed-out apples.

4. Let cool. Place in the refrigerator until the caramel has a chance to set. (I suggest 2 hours in the refrigerator)

5. Slice apple into wedges..... Serve 'em up!

And you know, I really do love Pinterest, but sometimes it can be difficult to see where these ideas originated from.... I'd really love to give credit to the genius who came up with this idea.... but until then, let's all be thankful.... and enjoy.