Saturday, September 28, 2013


You've heard me preach this many times, and today's project is no different..... Think Simple!

Sometimes the easiest craft or decorating project is one that's simple to complete, you don't need a lot of materials, and when it's finished.... it gets a lot of ohhhhs and aaaaahhhhs!

A lovely flock of bats would really dress up any wall or entry way. And you won't believe how super easy it is to do!

All you'll need is a pencil, scissors, black construction paper, and double-sided tape. Then using the template below, just cut and paste it on to a Word Document, then enlarge it to the size you want, (be sure to make a smaller bat too) and run it off on a copier.

Take the template, cut it out, and trace the bats on to the construction paper. Cut them out, bend the wings, and attach to the wall with the double-sided tape!
Poof! You're done!