Monday, September 16, 2013


Happy Monday everyone. Hope you had a great weekend. Maybe you did some shopping.... were you looking for something cute and kinda creepy, to wear during the Halloween season?

Here's an easy project that would be the perfect addition to any Halloween Homemaker's wardrobe! We all have extra tee shirts filling our closets and drawers... so let's make good use of them, shall we?

All you'll need to do this project is a piece of tailor's chalk (you can find at any fabric store), scissors,  a black (or contrasting color) tee shirt, to be worn over top of a white or gray tank top. I think this type of project works best on a shirt that's already been washed a few times. You also may want to press it off with a warm iron, it'll make it easier to cut out the pattern.

Lay the black shirt out on a flat work surface, copy the design in the picture, above, with the tailor's chalk. (If you're not comfortable drawing directly on the shirt at first, sketch it out on a piece of paper, until you get the look you want.)

When making the design, do 2 large circles for the eyes at the top, then make 2 smaller, oddly shaped circles for the nose..... and repeat the same process for the teeth, in two rows across the bottom.

Now, carefully, cut out all of the circles. Make sure that you flatten out the shirt each time, after you cut out a circle, to make sure that you're following your pattern, and that it's lining up correctly.

Once all of the circles have been cut out, you should see the skull face emerge, when you put the contrasting color tank top underneath.

Keep in mind, when you do this kind of technique on tee shirt material, after it's been washed a time or two, the design may stretch out. You could always re-enforce the design, by stitching around the cut outs, to create a finished edge. But in all honesty..... if it was me, I wouldn't bother. These tees are so easy and cheap to make, you could always make more, whenever the mood strikes you!

Now, let's get moving!