Tuesday, September 3, 2013


With Halloween well on it's way, I bet you've been putting off that costume, haven't you? Well, no worries.... if you're getting bored and you want to be someone other than your old witchy self, or that scary zombie, have I got an idea for you!

If you want to hang up the vampire fangs this party season, how about one of your favorite prime time tv shows? Who's your favorite? Are you a CSI fan? Or The Good Wife.... maybe you're more of a Parks and Recreation's kinda girl. I for one, love Joan from Mad Men!

Just think about all your favorite characters.... and that's great inspiration for your costume! And the best part, is these kind of costumes are relatively easy to pull together.

After all.... you know these characters! You know what they dress like, how they talk, and what you like about them. That's what you put into your costume. Plan on checking out your local Good Will or discount stores, for clothes and accessories.

Here are a few of my favorites, to give you some ideas....

Dexter and one of his victims.... Love this! I might use a little more plastic, but that's just me.

Two Broke Girls, Max and Caroline.... so cute!

Walter from Breaking Bad..... just get a bald cap and some wire-rim glasses, and you're set!

Howard from The Big Bang Theory.... this guy is dead-on! Love it!

Carrie and Brody from Homeland...... hilarious!