Thursday, May 2, 2013


One of my favorite things to do for the annual Halloween bash at the Manor is to come up with really crazy party invitations to send  out to all of our ghoulish guests.

I've done everything from severed fingers in little gift boxes (I totally stole this from Martha Stewart, I admit it).... bouquets of dead roses with invitation cards attached.... to little coffins with invites inside! Yes, I've done it all. And I'm always looking for more ideas.

I think this is another one of those ideas..... I love the crows, and attaching the invites to the feet like a carrier pigeon is a great idea, love it!

Putting my own spin on it, I think I'd put each bird in a black box (don't forget to add some air holes, of course!) filled with moss or black feathers. I'd also attach each invite with dark red ribbon. Once you assemble the boxes, don't forget to tie a big black shiny bow around it, and attach a personal name tag for the recipient.

Now, keep in mind, I've done some pretty elaborate party invitations, and postage can be quite expensive. And yes, I admit, I've been known to take a whole day and drive around town, to drop them off on doorsteps, undetected. But let me tell you, not only do people get a kick out of that, it really adds to the whole "creepy" factor. (Guests have told me that it really creeped them out, like someone was watching them..... Ha! Love it!)

But you don't have to do such fancy invites, if you don't want to. Sometimes simple is best. I've sent party invitations in the mail written in glow-in-the-dark ink, I've also done them on tea-stained paper with blood splatter, and even as a jigsaw puzzle!

So think outside the box, and have fun! Remember, a really creative party invite sets the mood for your party, before the party even starts!