Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Hello to all the Halloweenies out there! The Queen is back from vacation and the cauldrons are over flowing with lots of new ideas!!!

As I've scoured castles and cemeteries far and wide, it seems that the color white, has really become quite chic for decorating, this season. And here's a great example from Fresh home.com..... it's not only quite simple, but very classy too. If you're one of those who may only want to dip their toe in the Halloween decorating swamp, this may be perfect for you!

Classic lines, very simple, and use black as the accent color.... all you need is a few cans of spray paint! Trust me, it's really not that hard to do, and the results will be fantastic! But keep it simple, a few items work best for this look.... you don't want it to be crowed or too busy. My suggestion is, find a few items, like a pumpkin, old candle stick, a bird... and maybe even a few flowers... and spray paint them black.

Then using a few more accessories, like smaller pumpkins or gourds.... some  old books or vases,  and maybe a few picture frames... spray paint them all white. Now if you've never used spray paint before, keep in mind that you want to do this project outside or in a well ventilated area. (and you may want to use a small drop cloth or cover your workspace in newspapers before you paint)

Also, when applying the paint, follow the instructions on the label. I find that it's best to apply the paint in thin layers, until you get it the look that you want. Once all the items have been painted to your satisfaction..... let them all dry (usually a few hours) and place them on the mantel or table, grouping together similar items... to give it a more refined look.

Who says creepy can't be classy???? For more great ideas to spook out your home, check out Fresh home.com!