Thursday, May 30, 2013


Let's keep going with the "wicked white" theme, shall we?

Here's another easy idea, if you're looking for something to carve, besides the traditional Jack-O-Lantern, how about a pumpkin skull?

Just hallow out the pumpkin, and using a pencil, trace on the simple design. Now, don't fret.... if you can draw something close to a circle, and some squiggly lines... you can do this!

If you don't feel so confident in your artistic abilities, just use the picture as your guide.

Once you've traced a design you're happy with, go over it again, with a black Sharpie marker. Then carefully hallow-out the eyes, nose and mouth.

Then the final touch.... white spray paint! Again, just as in the previous post.... be sure to do this outside or in a well ventilated area..... Let dry, then add some votive candles or string lights inside.... and you've got a fantastic pumpkin that any front porch would be proud of!