Friday, May 10, 2013


You know the Halloween Queen is always on the look out for a great deal, and if it's on something super-cool.... all the better!

One of my all-time-favorite places to shop is the website! They have great deals all year long, and send out lots of coupons and discounts if you sign up for their newsletter.

And this little cutie Bat Clutch is my latest find. It's the perfect purse for those spooky nights out on the town, or if you're out for a stroll in your favorite cemetery.

I got a discount (for being such a frequent shopper) the purse that retails for about $20, I got got for half that! They've got some other cute styles that may be more to your liking..... like the Coffin Clutch or the Scaredy Cat Handbag.....

So what are you waiting for? Check it out.... log on to, and if anyone asks, tell 'em the Halloween Queen sent you.... Happy Friday Halloweenies!