Friday, May 31, 2013


If you know you're gonna be Homeroom Mom again this year for the little monster's annual Halloween party, and this time, you know you really want to wow 'em.... how about checking out this cake, from one of my favorite sites...!

Makoodle founder, Camille....has really come up with a fun idea for a cake that will win you "oohhhhs" and "aaaahhhhhs" from your little goblins. These directions are failry simple, and I also included a larger picture at the bottom, so you could see more of the detail. Here are the quick instructions from Camille herself.....

The Cake
1.I made three 9″ round cakes a couple of days before the party.
2.I made my frosting and used the orange gel food coloring to make the frosting a vibrant orange.
3.After the cakes had cooled, I leveled off the top of the cake and attached the layers with the frosting. If you ever need to know how to level and frost cakes, Wilton has some good tutorials on their site.
4.I covered the outside and top of the cake with a thin layer of frosting.
5.I piped the frosting with a tip that I could make the frosting look like fur.

The Eyeballs
1.I used the baby cakes cake pop maker to make my cake calls. I read some mixed reviews online about it, but I loved it. It was really easy to use and allowed me to make exactly how many cake balls I wanted.
2.Once the cake balls had cooled, I dipped them in orange candy melts.
3.Once the orange dried, I used a Wilton candy squeeze bottle to create the white eyeball shape on the cake pop using white candy melts.
4.Before the white chocolate setup, I added a chocolate chip to finish off the eyeball.

The Mouth
1.To make the teeth, I used a Wilton candy squeeze bottle to make triangle teeth shapes on a piece of wax paper.
2.I used some Wilton black frosting to create the mouth.

I have a feeling this guy will be the hit of any kid's party..... Birthday, Halloween, or otherwise! Be sure to checkout Camille's site for more pictures and step-by-step instructions. Just log on to