Monday, May 6, 2013


One of my many obsessions is collecting jars. Don't laugh... there's a method behind the madness. I use jars for lots of craft projects, and my dungeon laboratory has shelves stocked with jars of all sizes and shapes, just for this very reason. Mummy Candles!

I love crafty projects, and I think this one is super cute, and would even be fun for your little monsters to make! And you won't need a lot of materials, or follow complicated instructions.

Just grab a few clean jars (make sure you wash and scrub off the labels) you've got lying around, a few rolls of gauze (like you would find in a first-aid kit), your hot glue gun, some white glue or Mod-Podge, and a few googly eyes you can buy at your favorite craft store.

Use the white glue (or Modge-Podge).... coat the outside of the jar (pretty generously) with glue by applying it with a foam brush, and then roll the gauze around the jar. Go around the jar two or three times, (up to the rim of each jar) snip off the end and tuck it inside one of the layers. (You may need to apply a bit more glue on the end to keep it from unraveling) Let dry.

Once the jars have dried, take your handy, dandy, glue gun and apply two eyes to each jar. Place a votive candle inside each jar and you're done!

These mummy jars would be fun for Halloween parties, but (safety first!) be sure they are kept out of reach of the little goblins!

But if you don't want to use them as candles, you could always fill them with treats, or stick some styrofoam at the bottom, fill-up with some moss, add a few branches and you've got an instant Halloween tree, to hang all your favorite spooky ornaments!

I'm sure if you stare into those googly eyes long enough.... you'll find lots of uses for these little mummy cuties!