Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Now that we're getting down to the wire, you might be looking for a few extra goodies to spook up the front of the house. And I have to tell you, mood lighting is the key.

May I suggest, a few well placed tombstones with lanterns to light the way. Not only will it look
fab-boo-lous, but it will definitely give you that spooky effect we all want, in a good Halloween home.

Also, if you've got one of those old, mechanical Halloween monsters hanging around the garage, maybe give them an update! Just hot glue on some moss (you can buy bags of the stuff at your favorite craft store) and cover it from head to toe. If it doesn't have a light feature on it, be sure to add a spot light or lantern so it can be seen from the street.

Another oldie but goodie.... make a pumpkin head scarecrow! So easy to do, with just a few branches, some wire, a bit of ratty old fabric.... and of course, a pumpkin! You'll want to make the base first, securing each piece with some sturdy wire, and maybe a few dabs from the hot glue gun.

Once the frame looks the way you want it, work on carving the pumpkin face. Be sure to leave a spot to place twinkle lights to light up the inside.... and a hole at the bottom of the pumpkin, to slide it down on the frame.

Once you've done that, just add the fabric, and place in a great spot. Peeking out under a large tree, or hovering over some tombstones would look amazing!

Remember, with a little bit of light shining on each scare, you'll really make the front of your Halloween home look quite FAB-BOO-LOUS!