Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Ok, this is another "How'd they do that?" moment....

One of our fellow Halloweenies, Melinda sent me this photo, and was asking if I knew the magic spell to make this work.

Well, Melinda.... each Halloween Homemaker has her own bag o'tricks, so I may not know they exact way this was done.... but I can sure give you some crafty ideas to get a very simular look.

Here's what I'd do....

I'd get a bunch of cardboard toilet paper and paper towel tubes, some LED votive candles, some black or white spray paint, some clear fishing line, some craft foam (poly-fil or styra-foam would work) a drill and tiny drill bit, and my handy dandy hot glue gun.

I know it sounds like a lot... but I know we can do this! What I would do first, is take all the cardboard tubes and the craft foam, and cut a piece of foam to fit inside the bottom of the tube, and do the same on the other end, leaving room for the votive candle.

Then I'd spray paint all the tubes (White or black (whatever color you want the candles to be).... and remember once they dry, to spray paint the foam piece at the bottom.... because when you look up, you'll see the bottom of the candle, so you'll want to make sure it's been painted) let them dry according to the instructions on the spray paint.

While those are drying, you should start on the LED lights. I'd make sure they're all working... and then I'd take my drill and tiny drill bit, and make a tiny hole at the very top of the flame on the votive, This is where the fishing line will go through to attach, and make them hang straight. (If you drill the hole through the cardboard, they would hang at an angle.... but that might be a cool look too.... and you may want to experiment, to see what effect you like the best!)

Once the tubes have dried, and the votives have the holes drilled in them, then I'd add the LED votives to the top of the tubes. (Be sure to turn on the switch to each votive to light them up) Keep them secure with a few dabs of hot glue.

Just a suggestion..... if you want to leave the light off in the votive until just before your guests arrive, I wouldn't add the hot glue until about an hour or two before you want to turn them on, or you won't be able to get them out of the cardboard tube.... add the dab of hot glue after you turn them on.

Then, I'd measure the lentgth that I'd want them to hang, and cut the fishing line accordingly. When attaching the fishline, I'd tie a tiny knot, to keep it from slipping out of the hole that you drilled at the top of the flame.

I'd attach them to the ceiling or inside porch with tiny framing tacks. If you're going to hang them in a tree, I'd suggest just making a loop in your fishline, and tie or knot off the end around each limb.

This is such a magical effect, and looks like a super fun project. But if you find a better way to do it, please let me know. And make sure you take lots of pictures of your creation, so we can share it with our fellow Halloweenies!

Thanks for the idea, Melinda.... I hope I gave you some crafty project advice!