Friday, October 10, 2014


Oh Pinterest, how I love thee!

What's so funny is no sooner had I haved this picture to my project file, I had 3 e mails in my in box with the same picture! So I guess this would be a good topic for today.

It's another Pinterest Project Day, and this one will get you some spook-tacular results! All you'll need for this skull centerpiece is a plastic skull that you can find at your favorite craft and/ or Halloween store, a drill with a medium size drill bit, a sharpie marker, a pair of snips or floral cutters, and a bunch of roses (real or artificial.... either would work) *If you want to keep the flowers looking full through the Halloween season, I suggest artificial. But if you want them to dry up and wither, giving a spookified effect, go for the real ones)

What you'll need to do is take each flower, snip off some of the stem, and hold it up to the skull, so you have an idea how many you'll need, and how far apart you'll want to drill the holes.

Take the Sharpie marker and mark dots where you'll need to drill for the stems to go through.

Drill the holes into the skull (I really enjoy saying that.....*bwah hahahaha) to accomidate each flower.

Take each flower and place the stem throught the holes. You may need to trim each stem a bit more, so it's the right length to fit inside the skull.

If you have a few bare spots, you can always add more holes, and fill it in as you go.

I've done this kind of centerpiece many times, and you'll get lots of oooohhhhsssss and aaaagggghhhhhssss. The effect is quite dramatic, and oh so spooky.

And once you make one, I know you'll want to make more. I've done this kind of centerpiece with pumpkins, plastic tombstones, and skulls.... and they all came out just

Happy Pinterest Project Day!