Friday, October 31, 2014


Well, we made it! Our favorite day of the year has finally arrived!

I know you've still got lots of things to do, costumes to finish, treats and tricks to prepare for the big scare..... but make the most of it and HAVE FUN!

Having Halloween on a Friday is fab-boo-lous because we can party all weekend long! Trick or treating tonight, the annual Halloween bash tomorrow, and wrap things up on Sunday night with a Spooktacular dinner party. After kids have collected all their treats and a few games of "Pin The Tail On The Dragon", then it's time to break out the flashlights, for a few rounds of "Ghosts In The Graveyard" !

Have a frightful Halloween weekend, be safe, and enjoy every minute of it! Thank you to all my Halloweenies for hanging out with me, here in our little corner of the web.... it's been a spooktacular year!

Now, I still have some cobwebs to hang, lady fingers to bake, and my witches brew is already simmering in the cauldron, so it's another busy day here at The Manor.

And don't forget.... after today, we'll need to start planning for next year!