Thursday, October 23, 2014


How sweet and scary at the same time.... they're creepy candy apples!

This sweet, old fashioned treat has been around for ages.... and I looooooove candy apples, it's the one thing that always makes me think of fall. The smell is incredible, and they always reminded me of big, shiny, rubies.

Well, here's a way to make those apples a bit more sinsiter, for your Halloween festivities. They're no different than regular candy apples, just add black food coloring, and you've got these little black beauties!

All you'll need is a bunch of green (Granny Smith) apples, some treat sticks, black food coloring, and candy apple glaze. You can find candy apple kits at your local grocery store, and they have everything you'd need, except for the black food coloring. Now, you can buy all the stuff seperately, but the kit is much easier. And yes.... this also works for caramel apples too!

Once you've removed the stems, washed the apples, and added the sticks, be sure to follow the instructuions on the package, and add the food coloring when you're mixing the candy glaze. Keep mixing and adding a few drops of the coloring at a time, until you get a nice, shiny, black gloss. Dip the apples, then cool according to the instructions on the kit.

They're just soooooo delightfully creepy.... how do you like them apples?