Monday, November 10, 2014


Happy Monday, everyone! Eeeecccchhhhh! Mondays are just dreadful, aren't they? So depressing and scary.... and speaking of scary....You know when my little Princess was a tiny monster, she was really scared of dolls. And I'm not kidding....

I remember when she turned 2 years old, her Grandmama had bought her one of those expensive "American Girl Dolls" for her birthday. She opened it, and screamed bloody murder! No kidding. And to this day, she's not a fan of dolls. She says they still creep her out.

So imagine what it would be like to have a haunted doll. Apparently they do exist, and they've been known to cause lots of scares....

Robert the Doll

Robert was once owned by painter Robert Eugene Otto, who claimed he received it in 1906 from a family servant, who was skilled in black magic and wanted to harm the Otto family. Eugene’s parents were said to have heard him conversing with the doll, and neighbors saw it moving rooms from the windows when nobody was home. The family that moved into the Otto home after Eugene died, had a young daughter, who began to see the doll in her room at night — claiming it was trying to kill her.

Before the movie 'The Conjuring" (and the latest movie, "Annabelle"), Annabelle was a real doll, and actually a rag doll, not like the scary looking doll in the movie. Apparently, Annabelle would shift positions during the day while its owner, a nursing student named Donna, was out of the house — sometimes moving to a different room entirely. Donna also claimed she’d come home to find penciled messages, seemingly from the doll, on paper she couldn’t identify as coming from her house. One read “Help Us.” She also once came home to find drops of blood on the doll’s chest, and the back of her hand.
 Amelia was once auctioned off on eBay, where she became one of the highest viewed items. Its seller posted “This doll is not recommended for the weak at heart or for any little kids to have in their bedrooms!” Apparently, its original owner claimed that Amelia’s eyes were originally blue, but had glazed over in a creepy, glowing green despite being kept out of direct light. Once her eyes changed, weird things started happening. The person who purchased her reported that he found her standing in the hallway, heard her giggling, and once saw her wave.


And Bebé, owned by haunted doll collector and paranormal investigator Janice Poole, who claims her home became haunted after purchasing the doll. Poole claims the doll’s eyes follow her around the room, that she giggles, and that she’s run past her feet on several occasions.

So, are you hooked? Pretty creepy stuff, right? Want to read more?  Click here to check out The Haunted Doll Museum!