Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Cannibal's Hot Dogs
Ok, when I saw this on Pinterest, I just about laughed myself silly! How fun is this idea? All you need to make these little yummies, are hot dogs, buns, and lots of ketchup!

Can you imagine the screams you'd get,  when you serve these up to the kids, for a weekend dinner?

This isn't difficult at all! Trust me. What you'll want to do, is take each hot dog, and with a knife.... gently slice the top of the hot dog to look like a fingernail. Remove that piece, then take the knife and score a few lines in the middle, to make it look like a knuckle.

Then tear each end off the hot dog, to make it look like it was just ripped off some poor victim. Cook the hot dogs, then place them in the buns.... and don't forget to give them a few bloody squirts of ketchup!

How easy is that? What a fun idea for a kiddo's zombie-themed birthday party!