Thursday, November 13, 2014


Gothic goes glamour!
So you want to redecorate, but you've got no idea where to start? You think it's time to replace that old coffin table you've had since college? Would you like something a little more spohisticated? A little more Goth?

Well, here's some expert advice according to F.R.R. Mallory, from the SF Interior Decorating Examiner. Read on....

Do you want to decorate for Halloween but in a more adult, upscale way? You're not alone. An ongoing trend is placing goth art, decor and accent pieces on designer store shelves, year-round! Here are some cool items to look for when you are shopping:
  • Sculptures that suggest famous scenes from books and movies such as a black raven for Edgar Allen Poe's famous work.
  • Black, red or lace-design candles. Use ornate candle stick holders and group the candles at different heights for the best effect. Be sure to burn your candles to get some decorative drips going.
  • Add black lace tablecloths, runners or piled decoratively on a table to bring in instant goth glamour.
  • Paint curly or architectural branches with black paint and arrange the branches in a glass vase. Decorate the branches with commemorative hand-written notes to parted friends and family.
  • Stack books with unusual, dark titles for guests to read.
  • Mix vintage textiles, purses, scarves, jewelry, hats, glasses, canes, umbrellas and other pieces in with your more modern decor. These will carry your theme throughout the room.
  • Look for cultural art that features similar motifs to bring in color and a different viewpoint.
A little goth goes a long way. Surprise is the element that excites visitors. Paint an old lamp or chandelier black and embellish it with beads and crystals to delight guests.

Thanks for the boo-tiful ideas!