Wednesday, April 30, 2014


What a wonderful, dreary day here around The Manor. I thought I'd share someting just as delightful, that was sent to me, from one of my favorite Pinterest pals.....Very high on the EEEEKKKK factor..... (you know I love that!)

Do you want to make your guests jump out of their skin? Well, this'll do it! Just make this creepy door mat crawling with snakes....  Guaranteed to make everyone do a double take as they approach your front door!

It's really ssssssssuper ssssssssimple to make. Here'ssssssss how....

Get a bunch of rubber snakes from your local toy store. Spray-paint them all a glossy black. Create various lengths of snakes by cutting them in two; arrange at the edge of a thick plastic-foam board, and using a hot glue gun or staple gun, attach to the edges. Set the board underneath a regular old doormat! Ssssssssso ssssssssssimple and ssssssspooky!

You know, this might be a goood way to keep away those pesky door to door ssssssssalesmen.....