Friday, April 11, 2014


Happy Friday everyone! Hope today is gonna be a boo-tiful kick off to your weekend!

So when you have a costume dilemma, no matter how big or small....  who do you go to for advice? Well, The Queen of course!

One of my faithful Halloweenies Erika, is hosting a family reunion costume party, at the end of the month, and is need of a ghost costume for a toddler. (Here's the fun part, their last name is CASPER, and the whole family decided to come as ghosts! Love it, Erika! So creative!!)

Her, her husband, and 2 boys are all decorating sheets as costumes.... but when it comes to Baby Ella, she didn't want her wearing a sheet over her head... or any make up on her face. So what to do? What to do?

How about this idea.... take one of those little onesies, paint a cute little ghost face on it, add a white tutu, and white tights. This way Ella will be adorable and comfortable.... and no safety issues. Problem solved.

Have a blast at the CASPER Family Reunion. Don't forget to send pictures, I know you all will look just BOO-tiful!