Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I've gotten lots of requests lately asking where to find that infamous Black Vodka, I mentioned a few weeks ago. It seems that most stores don't carry it until the Halloween season.... but if you're not like the Queen, and you don't keep stocked up on the stuff, you're gonna love today's lesson!

We're infusing our own, and making the Queen of Halloween's favorite Black Magic Vodka!

Well.... the magic is that it's really black licorice flavored, but that's our little secret.

Now here's what you'll need to get started:
~Black food coloring
~1- 750 ml. bottle of vodka
~5 or 6- Black licorice sticks (usually about 6 inches long)
~Infusion jar (Or a clean, empty vodka bottle)

Here's what to do:
Take that bottle of your favorite vodka.

Make sure your infusion jar and ingredients are all clean.

Place licorice sticks in the infusion jar (or bottle), pour in the vodka. Close lid or cap tightly. Put in the fridge.

The infusion process takes about 2 days. This time allows the vodka to absorb all the flavors. Keep in mind, the coloring from the licorice will absorb into the vodka, so you'll notice the alcohol will start to turn black.

After 2 days.... It's time for the Taste Test! Once the vodka is infused to the point you like, remove the licorice sticks. If the flavor seems too intense, just add more fresh vodka. If it doesn't seem strong enough, let sit for another day. Then try it again. I wouldn't leave the licorice in there more than 3 days, the candy may soon start to break down and it might get messy in there. You want a clean infused vodka. You may need to strain it to put back into the bottle, so you don't get any bits of candy in your newly infused vodka.

Once you have the desired taste, pour the infused vodka back into the original, cleaned out vodka bottle. Add several drops of the black food coloring, to get the color you want, and gently shake to mix it through.

Put a pour spout on it for easy cocktail mixing! *poof!* You've just made my Special Black Magic Vodka!

Keep this special vodka fresh by storing in the fridge or freezer. Remember, this recipe is strictly for grown up witches and warlocks only!