Tuesday, April 22, 2014


 It's another Super-Easy-Project Day!

Check out this Ghost in a Jar project, it's just full of ghostly cuteness.

This crafty crafter used a bell jar with a stand, and it looks great. You could pull off this same look with fancy or plain jars of any size and shape, and it would look 

I'd fill the jars with batting or stuffing, that you'll find in the pillow making section of your favorite craft store.... fluff it up inside the glass container.... and paint black eyes and a mouth on the outside of the jar with acrylic craft paint. (The best thing about using the acrylic craft paint, is that after you want to take your decorations down, you can just peel the paint right off the glass!)

If you're like The Queen and you have a stock-pile of glass jars for future projects.... I say grab a few jars with lids, spray paint the outside of the lids white, and that becomes the base of the ghost!

What a great project for little monsters to help with, and another use for all of those glass jars we've been saving....