Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Have you been to your Dollar Store recently? Well, if you haven't.... you need to!

I've found that most of those types of bargain stores really have some great holiday stuff! Think of it like this.... we've all "doctored up" a burger-helper casserole, or a frozen pizza in our day.... well, this is no different!

You can go buy lots of expensive decorations, but you really don't need to. Find some cool stuff that you can "doctor up"! Add some black spray paint here, some Spanish moss there, and you've got something pretty faBOOlous!

All that was done here was some black spray paint on the brooms and skull, and it really looks like an expensive display. And it's not! Everything came from the Dollar Store!

So, be sure to make a stop by your local Dollar Store today and stock of on a few goodies that you can doctor up, and you'll be feeling better in no time! Doctor's orders.