Monday, October 12, 2015


Happy Monday, Halloweenies!

I'm betting that you all had a busy weekend of projects, planning, and decorating for Halloween.... and you know that I'm all about spookiness and fun, but what about our little Halloweenies in training?

So, that leads me to another subject that I've gotten quite a few questions about.... what craft projects can we do with our little monsters? It seems that many of you are asking about crafts and classroom projects that you can do with the kiddos, that aren't too complicated.

Well, leave it to the professional crafty ones at The Chirping! These moms are at the top of the list for craftiness, and they've got 30 fun Halloween projects that your little ones will just love!

Everything from making Ghost Pops, to Black Cat Masks and Yarn Spiders is all you'll need to give the kids hours of spooky crafty fun! These projects are just faBOOlous!

For step by step instructions to all 30 projects, click here!