Thursday, October 8, 2015


Happy Halloween Countdown!

Projects, projects, and more projects! I've got lots of 'em to keep you busy right up until the big day! And here's another one of my favorites...

You all know how much I love to save cans and glass jars for projects, and this is the reason why.... you can recycle all those metal cans into Halloween lanterns!

All you'll need is a bunch of cans, (washed, dried, and labels removed of course!) some spray paint, a Sharpie marker, some floral wire, a large size nail, and a hammer.

Take the cans, and using the Sharpie marker, make a dot pattern of the image you want (look at the photo above) and keep in mind, the more simple the pattern.... the easier it will be to do, (and tell what it is) so don't make it too detailed. Think simple.

Once you have a pattern that you like, take the nail and hammer, (use the dot pattern as your guide)  and lightly tap the nail on each dot, until it makes a hole through the can. (You 'll want the hole to be big enough to been seen once the candle is lit inside)

When you have the design completed, you'll want to make a hole on each side of the can, and add the floral wire, to make a handle. (Again, if you're not sure, look at the photo above)

Give each can a good coat of spray paint, let dry, then add your battery-operated votive candle. These look great hanging from trees, and you don't have to worry about them being a fire hazard!

But if you want to use actual votive candles, be sure to keep them away from children, leaves, or anything that could catch fire. Also be sure not let them burn overnight! Spooky is good, but always remember, safety first!

Now, let's get moving.... I've got lots of cans that need washed! I'll only need about 200 of these to decorate the outside of The Manor.