Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Yes, black is beautiful..... actually, nothing replaces black. It's classy. It's macabre.... it's all the things that you want in creating great looks for Halloween.
As you all know, I'm a huge fan of black spray paint. Flat or gloss.... black paint is the best! And every Halloween Homemaker needs to keep a hefty supply in your craft closet.
You can transform everyday objects and make cool collections, just by grouping a bunch of objects together and giving them a good coat of black spray paint.

*Remember, these are strictly for decorations only! Do not paint anything that will have any food or beverages in them!

Now if you're new to spray painting, here's a few suggestions. First of all, work in a well ventilated space anytime that you are using spray paint.... the fumes can be overwhelming, sometimes. Also read the directions, and always apply spray paint in several thin coats. You never want to spray too much in one spot, or it'll run and cause drips..... (unless of course you want to do that.... I've been known to create some pretty cool bloody pieces with red paint.... but that's for our next lesson....)

Start simple. Get a can of  flat black, and a can of gloss black spray paint. Pick a few things, like some artificial pumpkins, candlesticks, old picture frames (remove the glass), maybe some old jars and books..... then spray some of the items with the flat, and some with the gloss. Let them dry, and then group the objects together. Set on a mantel always looks good..... or on a side table in the corner.
Maybe spray paint a few dried flowers, while you're at it, and put some in the jars... you get the idea.
Now you've just learned how to create a pulled-together look.... and all it took was some old junk, you had lying around the house.... and some black spray paint! You're welcome.....