Wednesday, October 30, 2013


You know my love of all things Halloween started at a very young age. And when I see things like this, I just get absolutely giddy!

I've managed to find a few vintage goodies from my youth, while I was out perusing the vintage and thrift stores this weekend.....

They were all treasured things to me, and I can't believe I found them! I must have listened to this record album over nine thousand and ninety nine times!! And I'm sure I still remember every word by heart..... I'm so glad the Count and I have that vintage stereo to listen to it!

This old plastic lamp was one of my favorites, and it used to sit in the front window of the house I grew up in, all through the month of October!

And the Fireside Book of Ghost Stories! What an amazing find!!! I read this book so much, that I remember being soooooo disappointed when it actually fell apart.... and I had to throw it away.

What great additions to my collection.....