Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I think one of the things that I've always loved so much about the Halloween season was that special time of year.... falling leaves, cooler weather and the Harvest Festivals! Growing up in the hills of central Pennsylvania, we really had the best Fall seasons... ever! (And trust me, there's nothing better than the smell of burning leaves and warm cider)

Every year we'd have a big hayride and go pick out pumpkins, then go back home and have a good old fashioned Pumpkin Carving Party!

It sure sounds like a good way to celebrate the Halloween season, and also a great alternative to the traditional Halloween party. Here's a few tips to help you have the best Pumpkin Carving Party ever!

Pumpkins! Have a supply on hand for your guests, or plan to head out to the local pumpkin patch to get 'em. And if you've got little ones who may not be ready to do any carving, be sure to get some mini pumpkins and lots of craft paint! Have a special designated area for little ones who will want to paint their pumpkins.

Decorations~ Think Harvest time. Hay bales, leaves and corn stalks. Cover tables with brown craft paper (for tables that you'll be using for eating, carving and painting) and throw up a few white (or orange) twinkle lights and I think you'll love the festive mood!

Menu~ Grill hot dogs, make deviled eggs, cheese fondue dip, and don't forget the staples of any Harvest festival.... apples and pumpkins! Apple cider, apple crumbcake, pumpkin cupcakes even carmel apples! And a guarenteed party favorite... be sure to roast some pumpkin seeds!

Now that I've given you the ideas, don't forget to send out party invitations. And if you log on to Familycrafts.com you can print them off yourself.

Happy Party Planning!