Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Well, it's finally here! The month that we all have been waiting for! October, my most-favorite month out of the whole year!

Now, the Halloween countdown is officially on, and it's the busiest time for all Halloween Homemakers! Cauldrons to polish, spider webs to hang, and furniture that needs a good coat of dust.... Things seem to be moving right on track, around the Manor, but if you're in some need of some spookified help..... The Queen of Halloween is here to help.

First of all, if your costumes (for yourself, or the whole frightful family) haven't been chosen yet.... NOW is the time! If you need to make props or sew outfits, take this time to make up your list, gather all your materials, and make sure you have everything you need, for each person's costume.

Number 2:  If you're planning a party, the invites need to go out by next week. Remember, Halloween is the busiest party season, so I'm sure lots of your fiends will be getting lots of invites to choose from. And remember, a really fab-boo-lous invite, sets the mood for a fantastic party!

Number 3: Plan the menu! You want to have a really great menu, but you also want it to be super easy. Here's a few hints.... by planning ahead, you can get some all-ready made items, and decorate them yourself, quite easily. Also, don't make yourself crazy.... pick a few items that you know you won't have any problems executing, and do as much food preparation the day before, as you can!

Last but not least.... the decorations! Your haunted house decor will definitely set the mood for all your guests. So decide on a style, and stick to it. Whether it's over the top, or spookily sophisticated.... start working on a few pieces that will be show-stoppers. Is it a spooky dinner party? Or a Zombie office party? Maybe a kid's party? Maybe a graveyard garden party..... pick your theme, and start making your list of props you want to make or buy. Then cut out a few pictures of ideas that you like, or make a rough sketch of what you want it took like.

Then, make sure you're stocked up on all the tools that should be in every Halloween Homemaker's bag of magic tricks....

Halloween fabrics, burlap, cheesecloth.... hot glue gun, glue sticks, black and white spray paint, spider webbing, orange and purple Halloween lights, plastic spiders, rodents, and miscellaneous vermin..... raffia, assorted moss and rocks, assorted black and white candles..... cans, bottles and jars.... just to name a few things.

Be sure to check out Fresh home.com if you need more inspiration! Now hop on those broomsticks, and let's get going!