Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I stand here shocked and amazed..... that I never thought of this before!!! How great is this tree? Not only could you put it up in October..... but you could keep it up until December!

This candy corn tree is just like any other artificial tree, and could be decorated with all kinds of goodies like plastic spiders and bats.... black and orange ornaments.... and a lovely string of candy corn garland. The possibilities are pretty much endless, and I think would be a fun focal point for any kid's Halloween party.

Or if you're more of an understated elegance kind of decorator..... just simple black and orange bows would look quite beautiful!

Now for the tree topper, I think I would go with a shiny, black bow.... or instead of an angel, a lovely witch on top would be just fab-boo-lous!

If you're sold on it, and looking for the purchasing information on this tree, be sure to log on to to get one for yourself!

Ok, so I know it's a bit extravagant... and maybe buying a candy corn tree just isn't in your budget right now.... you could always find a used artificial Christmas tree, and break out the white, orange, and yellow spray paint!

See..... problem solved! Candy corn trees for everyone!