Wednesday, September 9, 2015


From all of the e mails that I've been getting this week, I know you all are really kickin' it into high gear with the Halloween decorating.... great job, Halloweenies! And I am here to help. Justine 
e mailed me wanting to find out how to make something "zombified" but not too scary for the kiddos, front yard d├ęcor. Did you come to the right place, Justine!

I think Zeke the Zombie Scarecrow is the perfect mix of cute and creepy, if you ask me.

Yes, you too can make this little zombie cutie to add that something special, to your Halloween yard decorations!

All you need, is one of those cheapie scarecrows that you can find at your favorite craft store, 2 bamboo skewers, an exacto knife, and some red and black acrylic paint.

First, take the bamboo skewers, (with the pointed end going into the body) and slide one in each arm of the scarecrow, and push the pointed end into the body of the scarecrow, to make the arms stretch out, like a zombie pose. Then break off the end of the skewer, so it's the same length as the scarecrows straw hands. (Save the broken pieces, if you want to make a scary scarecrow)

Next, take the scarecrow and cut a few slices in the face and body, with an exacto knife. Then in the slices, dab with the red acrylic paint, making some smears and splatter. Be sure to add some splatter to the clothes and straw hands as well, to add to the effect.

Then, using the black acrylic paint, make scars and smears on the face of the scarecrow, and some splatter on the clothes, as well.

You can make him as gory or as cute as you want. I of course.... went for the creepy factor, and added the ends from the broken bamboo skewers, in the heart and the head..... just for effect!

How cute is this guy?