Friday, September 18, 2015


Are you searching for something different? A fun-themed-grown-ups-only party idea? Well here it is.... Host a costume party with a twist. Have all your party-goers come costumed as their favorite movie villain! Maybe it's Cruella de Ville, Bonnie and Clyde or Mommie Dearest, everyone has a favorite bad guy! Have a best costume contest, where guests vote for their favorite characters.

Start out by sending party invites, printed up to look like movie tickets. Make sure to have a zombified ticket-taker at the door to take admission tickets. Don't forget classic move snacks like popcorn, soda, and Goobers to make the theme complete.
Provide ballots with each guest’s name listed and have party goers vote for their favorites. Be sure to award prizes for the a first, second and third place winners.
 Once everyone has had a chance to see all the guests, collect the ballots. Figure out the winner and award a prize (and an Oscar trophy, of course!) before everyone leaves!

Once again, everyone will think you're such an amazing party planner! Witch, of course, you are!