Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I feel the need to spray paint something today.

As I was flying around on Pinterest this morning, I saw some cute ideas for decorating with skulls. What fun! How could you not want to decorate with skulls?

I love these super shiny metallic skulls. And let me tell you.... I've seen them in all sorts of decorating catalogs for lots (and lots!) of money. But who wants to spend that kind of cash on something you could make, that would look just like that (or pretty darn close) anyway?

So, you'll need to root through your crafty closet and find some skulls. Any kind would work.... plastic, styrofoam, ceramic..... you get the idea.

The grab some gloss metallic gold (or silver would look great, too!) spray paint. Lay out a few newspapers (in a well ventilated area, or course!) and give those skulls a few thin (even) coats of paint.

Let dry according to the instructions on the paint, and now you've got some very cool d├ęcor for
any room in the house.

If you like these book ends, they're really not too difficult to make yourself. No, really!

You could get 2 wooden bases similar to the picture (make sure the skulls will fit nicely on them) coat them with primer.

Let dry, then give them another coat of glossy black paint. Let dry again. Then attach the skulls with a good adhesive.

To make it extra shiny, I'd spray a clear gloss enamel coat over the whole thing, and let dry for a few hours.

Pretty darn cool, am I right?

And we didn't spend any money, did we? Even better!

So grab some skulls and some spray paint, and have yourself a crafty Tuesday!