Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I just received an e mail from one of our fellow Halloweenies, Amanda.... begging for a super-cute, and a little crazy headband idea, for her upcoming formal event.

She'll be wearing a black gown, and wanted something that would really stand out.

Well, I think this is exactly what you're looking for, Amanda.... let's revisit the ghosts of blog posts past, shall we?......


Oh, how cute is this???? I loooooooove it! I came across this little gem while surfing the web, and I gotta tell you, there are so many talented crafters out there!

I couldn't find the instructions....but I would say from all my years of crafting experience, all you'll need is some black floral wire, black foam sheets (or black adhesive paper) scissors, maybe a glue stick or hot glue gun.... and a plain black headband.

From the picture, it looks pretty simple. If I had to guess, I'd say.... make a bat template, trace it, cut it out, attach the bats (by hot glue or glue stick) to the wire, (cut at different lengths, and be sure to add a few extra inches at the bottom for twisting around the actual headband) Use the photo as a reference how far apart to set them, and I say add as many bats as you like.... until you get the desired look that you're going for!

Pretty simple. And the best part.... it doesn't have to look exactly like the picture. If it's not perfect, you're the only one who knows. I also think this would be great if you were going as Melanie from "The Birds", with a flock of killer birds flying around your head....